Raising Dragons -The Movie

'Good Stuff and faithful to the story. Well done!'
-Bryan Davis

Rated PG for sequences of Action Violence,
Blood, and Brief Mild Language

The Offical Movie Site of Raising Dragons

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Purchase the dvd from this link!

DVD's- $10

Hello Everyone-
Due to some copyright talks, we are working on the possibility of selling the film for $10.00. 
We are currently in production for 500 copies of the film. 

The Candlestone

The first draft of the Candlestone is done. It is 117 pages long, compared to Raising Dragons first draft, which was only 82 pages long. 



The Film will soon be available to purchase for $10.00 by January 1st.

Bryan Davis has given the green light for The Candlestone, and Christian Friends Productions want to take the Dragons in Our Midst series and make a trilogy. 

Premier Video

Ladies and Gentleman, please feel free to watch the video of the the film's premier. 


Ladies and Gentlemen, the premier of the film was last night. Bryan Davis was in attendance and we will post his speech soon. 
Please check out the photos of the evening on our photo page. 
We will begin to sell the movie for $10 soon. 

Raising Dragons Trailer


Raising Dragons Will Be Coming Down On September 1

On September 1st, Raising Dragons will be taken down from youtube, and available on a request only basis. After the premier on October 3rd, we will have a donation system set up, where you can donate 10 dollars to Christian Friends Productions and receive a copy of the film for free! 

Raising Dragons The Movie

Raising Dragons The Movie was released last night at 12:00 a.m. Head over to the Raising Dragons Tab to get the link to the video. We will have a high definition video up as soon as possible, as our first priority was releasing the film so you guys could see it! Enjoy! Please write what you think in the Guestbook!

Exclusive Trailer

Follow Actor Alex Randazzo on Instagram to watch the new trailer that was just released. His username is Alex28dazzle. 

Raising Dragons Critic Review Trailer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MEmK6IPYWI Click the link to see what the critics are saying about Raising Dragons.

The Reviews Are In!!!

The Critic Review Screening was last night, and the reviews are in...

'Raising Dragons is an exception teen story, the characters in the film, just like real life, have to learn to rely on the Real Winning Edge, 4 Stars! 

- Dr. Diane Preston-Reilly, Executive Director of the TV Show the Real Winning Edge on Fox. 

'Cool stuff and faithful to the story. Well done.'

 - Bryan Davis

'As good as Facing the Giants!'

Rick Randazzo- Executive Producer and National Director of FCA Ice Hockey

'Amazing... It is completely inspiring what these kids have done.'

Sterling Alexander- Editor of the Real Winning Edge. 

Each Critic was asked to fill out a review form. The  following list was the average rating for each category. 

The Ending           4

The Music             4 1/2 - Thanks to Lana Sjoberg

The Humor           4 1/2 - 'Walter really brings the film to life!'

The Pace               4      - ‘A roller coaster ride if I ever have been on one!'

The Story              5       - ‘Faithful to the story. Well done.'  - Bryan Davis  

The Beginning      4 

The Drama           5

The acting

Alex Randazzo(Billy Bannister)    4 1/2

Rebecca Nelsen(Bonnie Silver)     4

Alec Morrisette( Devin Whittier)   5

Aaron Henry(Walter Foley)           4 1/2

Al Berner(Professor Hamilton)      3 1/2

Announcement Trailer


We have Received Our Rating!

1 Scene Left! - Animation

All scenes are done except scene 23, which has an extremely large amount of animation to it. Scene 23, also known as Devin's Bane, should be done soon, as the animators are working their hardest!  

Scene Cut

Due to time and animation issues, a big scene was cut today from the final film. It should not have an effect on the story though. 

Stay Tuned!

In the next couple of days there will be a trivia question about Raising Dragons, and the first person to put the right answer in the guestbook will get to view an already edited scene and get their name in the end credits!

Only 11 Scenes Left To Edit!

The First 10 Scenes... Done

The First 10 Scenes have been given the final ok by the director and now await only the Executive Producer's final ok. 
There are only 15 more scenes to go!

Final Weekend Of Editing Part 2

This weekend will be the final edit of the second Draft of the film, which runs 2 hours 9 minutes and 23 seconds. 
The Director will go through one last time and do a final edit, then the film will be done! 

Premier of the New Trailer!


New Trailer

Less then 48 hours away from the world premier of the new Raising Dragons Trailer! 

New Trailer

New Trailer Coming Soon! 
Also, head over to the photo of the day page to see a new photo of Walter witnessing the Bat-creature! 

Bonnie's Wings

Head over to the photo of the day page and check out the exclusive first look at Bonnie's wings.

Merry Christmas! Christmas Eve Screening Reviews.

Hello Everyone. Merry Christmas! 
We had a big Christmas Eve screening last night. 
The reviews were very positive.
One critic went as far as comparing 'Raising Dragons' with Alex Kendrick's film 'Facing the Giants'. 
"I think this film is better than that movie Facing the Giants!"

One a 1 to 5 scale the average for each category, 
The Ending           3 1/2
The Music            4 1/2
The Humor           4 1/4
The Pace               4 1/2
The Story              5
The Beginning      4 1/2
The Drama            4 3/4

The acting
Alex Randazzo(Billy Bannister)    4 3/4
Rebecca Nelsen(Bonnie Silver)     4
Alec Morrisette( Devin Whittier)   4 1/2
Aaron Henry(Walter Foley)           5
Al Berner(Professor Hamilton)      3 1/4

The Second Draft

The second edit has begun. We have a musician, Lana Sjoberg, working on the soundtrack. And our animator, Mathew Horran, working on the special effects! 

First Screening Today!

Today we had the first screening of the first draft of the film, and was met with generally positive reviews! 
Most of the performances were praised, especially those of Alec Morrisette as Devin and Aaron Henry as Walter.
The biggest issue is that the movie leaves some unanswered questions when the credits start to role. 

Fan Questions Answered by Alex Randazzo

Alex Randazzo takes some time off to answer some fan questions that you all sent in


1 hour left

1 Hour left before Alex Randazzo posts his fan question video. 12:00 eastern time it airs!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 
Today is your last day to send in any questions you might have for Alex to answer. 

First Animation Photo of the Day!

Head over to the photo of the day page to see the first photo of animation in a scene. This is just the first edit of animation as it has to go through a lot of renders and be pixilated. But we thought we would share this with you! 

Alex Randazzo-Questions

On November 30th, Alex Randazzo will be answering questions that you guys have sent in to him. If you wish for him to answer your questions, please send your questions to amrandazzo@liberty.edu. The Movie Is Almost Done!

Update 11/23/12

Hello everybody, We have a time update. After editing scene 15 (out of 25 scenes) We are at a total time of 1 hour 9 minutes and 43 seconds. Still have ten scenes left!

Photo of the Day Page

Ladies and gentlemen, We would love it if you checked out our Photo of the Day page. We will have a new photo every day of the scene of the movie we are editing that day! Thank you all for your prayers and have a great day,

Final day of...

Today was our final day on shooting the movie! 
Thank you all for your prayers. We now have a two-three month period of editing and animation, then the film will be done!

Last Day of Filming for...

Congratulations to Rebecca Nelsen for finishing up shooting on June 26! She portrayed Bonnie Silver in the film and did a fantastic job!

Lat day of Filming for...

Congratulations to Alec Morrisette who plays Devin in the film. Saturday, June 15 was his last day of Filming!
Congratulations as well to Al Berner, who plays Professor Hamilton in the film. His last day of Filming was Sunday, June 16! 
We thank both of you guys for wonderful performances in this film! 

Trailers Page


Update 3/29/13

Ladies and Gentlemen, We are in the home stretch. At times, it has felt like the like the whole world has been against this movie, actors injured, computers failing, disappearing film, but we have endured it all. We are finishing up everything this June, and hope to have the premier in July/August. Thank you all for bearing with us as our release date has pushed back 3 times, but now we are so close! Thank you all for your support, Christian Friends Productions

Trailers Page

All our interviews and trailers have been moved to our Trailer page. Enjoy!

The Dragon

Head on over to the photo gallery to see the first look of our 'Dragon' voiced by Rick Randazzo.  

Pictures 11/30/12

Check out our photos from the set from a couple weeks ago in the photo gallery. 
Also, please pray for actor Alex Randazzo as he sprained his wrist. He is currently on vacation for the holidays and should return in January to continue to film. 

 Thank you all for your prayers,
Christian Friends Productions

Rebecca Nelsen Interview

We sit down with Rebecca Nelsen who plays Bonnie Silver in the upcoming movie Raising Dragons. 

Al Berner Interview

Here is an interview with Al Berner, who plays Professor Hamilton, in the movie. 

Run Time

After editing the footage we have right now, we have an official runtime of 1 hour and 59 seconds. We are only  65/70% though filming, which should put us at 1 hour and 4o minutes final runtime. We are filming every day starting tomorrow till Thursday the 6 of December. Please pray we get everything done that we need to! 

Update 11/23/12

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, We are so thankful for this wonderful opportunity to make this movie and also thankful for Mr. Bryan Davis letting us make this movie. 
We had a great day of filming today, and hope to have another great day of filming tomorrow. 
We have some bad news though, as one of our main actors is going on a missions trip for four and a half months starting in January, and that will postpone our release date from the spring to summer. 
One more thing we are SO thankful for is our fans, Thank you for sticking with us through the thick and thin! 
New trailer out soon. 

Interview With Aaron Randazzo

Here is a quick interview with Aaron Randazzo, the actor that plays Walter in the film Raising Dragons. 

Pictures 11/10/12

Check out some new photos from the set earlier today in our photo galleries.

Update 10/16/12

The cameo is done and Now we are working on a new trailer that should be out in November. We also hope to finish up principal photography this December, and start to film the second movie this spring. Thank you all for your support and prayers.

Update 9/27/12

Hello everyone, we are glad you have checked to see if there is any news about our website. We are currently filming a 'cameo appearance' in Raising Dragons with a character from another one of the books. We can not tell you who it is, but it is one of Mr. Davis's most beloved characters. 
Thank you all for your support in this wonderful project. 


Hello Everyone, Welcome to our website.
Most of you have probably heard about this site from Bryan Davis's Facebook.
We are so glad you are checking us out.
Please check out our Testimony to hear the story of how we started this project. 
We raised over one thousand, seven hundred dollars to make this film and have got top notch actors to help bring Bryan Davis's legendary world to life. 
If you have any questions then feel free to contact us. 
If this movie turns out the way we want it to then we plan on continuing the series with the Candlestone. 
If you are interested in auditioning please contact us as well.
Hope you enjoy this site as we continue to work on this film. We plan on releasing the movie in April or May.

The contact page sends an email write to our staff who would love to answer any questions. 
Thank you   


Hello, everyone. We would love if you would head over to the photo galleries and check out our new movie poster. We also hope to have another trailer up soon. Thank you all for your prayers.

The Candlestone

Welcome back into the world that has Dragons in it's Midst. Created by Bryan Davis, and adopted for screen by Alex Randazzo and Cheryl Berner, the Candlestone chronicalizes Bonnie's life after the events of Raising Dragons. Six months later, the Foleys are going to adopt Bonnie, but on the eve of her adoption night, Her father shows up with news that her thought to be dead mother is really alive! Torn between the family she has grown to love and the lying father she once ran away from, Bonnie must face a hard decision. Turn her back on her friends, or lose all hope of reconciliation with her father.

Last Day of Filming

Hello everyone,
Today we are hear to Congratulate Mr. Mike Paradiso, who plays Palin in Raising Dragons. Sunday, August 5 was his last day of Filming! He played his part amazingly and we are looking forward to working with him again in the future. 


Here is the trailer to the movie. I hope you enjoy and would love to here what everyone thinks.

Teaser trailer

I am happy to announce our trailer is up!!!
hope you enjoy.
please tell us what you think in the guestbook.

raising dragons

Welcome to our  website!  we will be adding our timeline, script, pictures and plans to this site since we have started production.  Keep checking back on our progress as we are so thankful for your financial support and your prayers.

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